Founded in 2020 with the goal of centering providers from historically excluded communities, Nalaverse creates inclusive spaces for healing and growth. This 7-Day series will help you build a healthy habit of healing & connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

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  • Day 1: Cultivating Coherent Breathing with Aubrey

    Unlock the healing power of your breath with this 5-minute coherent breathing meditation guided by Aubrey. By bringing gentle awareness to the connection between our breath, our mental focus, and our body, we can fully restore our energy and bring our whole being into a fully relaxed state.

  • Day 2: How To Flow Through Challenges with Nikita

    Self-love is something we can always depend on. In this meditation, we remind ourselves how worthy and deserving we are of our own love and forgiveness. Nikita shows us how to release challenging emotions & experiences while inviting more flow and ease into our life.

  • Day 3: Freedom For Perfectionists with Jade

    Perfectionism finds a way to creep into our day in different ways. Follow the sound of Jade’s voice as she shows us how to fully let go of the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. Give yourself that freedom, and get ready to embody your true authenticity.

  • Day 4: The Therapeutic 4-Part Breath with Jahmila

    Venture into this therapeutic guided breathwork experience with Jamilah as she guides us through how to use the 4-Part Breath to deepen the meditation experience. Connecting breathwork to meditation unlocks the incredible healing power within us.

  • Day 5: Words of Wellness with Jaz

    Offer yourself this sweet moment of stillness. This meditation practice leans into the power of spoken word and positive affirmations. With this technique, we can rewire patterns in our minds that cause excessive stress and worry. Instead, Jaz shows us how to cultivate more self-love & compassion.

  • Day 6: Tools For Tension Release with Gabbi

    The sacred mind-body connection is so important to our overall health and well-being. In this session, Gabbi guides us through a gentle movement meditation that releases tension and grounds us deeper into our own state of peace. By using our breath, focus, and light stretching, we naturally align...

  • Day 7: Sacred Sound Bath Meditation with Marissa

    Sink into sound vibrations that will help ease you deeper into your meditation practice. Marissa uses a live sound healing session with guided visualization exercises that guide your mind and spirit into its own healing space. Allow release to happen as we use this exercise to call in more self-w...