The Spiritually Fly Podcast with Faith Hunter

The Spiritually Fly Podcast with Faith Hunter

The Spiritually Fly Podcast with Faith Hunter is a place where you can take steps to rebuild your life, unlock your potential, break free of unhealthy patterns, or simply show up to give your body, mind, and heart time to reset. Faith will offer tips and over two decades of experience teaching and training globally in the areas of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and mindful living. She will share snippets and practices from her book, Spiritually Fly: Wisdom, Meditation, while also creating space so you can feel inspired, empowered, and armed with the tools for living with intention and purpose.

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The Spiritually Fly Podcast with Faith Hunter
  • Episode 10: Black Women's Health with Dr. Joia Crear-Perry & Faith Hunter

    In Episode 10, Faith Hunter connects with her childhood friend Dr. Joia Crear-Perry about Black Women's Health, mental health, racism, raising children, and the healthcare system. Dr. Crear-Perry is the Founder and President of the National Birth Equity Collaborative. Recently she addressed the U...

  • Episode 01: Pause, Breathe and Create Space For Yourself with Faith Hunter

    In this first Episode, Faith shares intimate stories about her struggles with personal challenges, how she cursed God, and how she discovered ways of navigating the craziness of life through healing practices like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. Faith discloses a vulnerable moment in life, ...

  • Episode 02: What is Spiritually Fly? Be Still, Listen and Follow Your Heart

    Faith openings the episode by explaining how Spiritually Fly™ came about, and how this name has slowly morphed into a lifestyle. In the mix of the story, she shares the importance of listening and following your heart. Towards the end, she guides you through a heart-centered meditation that encou...

  • Episode 03: The Spiritually Fly™ Three M's: Mantra Mudra, and Meditation

    Over the years, what's made Faith Hunter's Spiritually Fly™ wellbeing experiences so delicious was the incorporation of the Three Ms: mantra, mudra, and meditation. Faith talks about their importance, provides a reading from her book that shares little back history, and at the end, she shares a m...

  • Episode 04: Infidelity Part 1 - Finding Forgiveness After Cheating

    This episode is about cultivating forgiveness after cheating, or when trust has been broken in a relationship. Faith provides steps, tools, and journal prompts to assist you in moving from the pain of betrayal to inner peace and freedom.

  • Ep. 05: Infidelity Part 2 - Tips for Navigating Life After Cheating

    This is Part 2 on forgiveness after infidelity. In this episode, Faith shares tips on moving through the rocky road after cheating, or when trust has been broken in a relationship. Along with the tips, she also guides you through a short breathing practice to close out the session.

  • Ep. 06: Stop Negative Self-Talk with Faith Hunter

    Are you allowing your negative inner voice to guide you? Do you give negative thoughts and outside messages power? This episode discusses the energy of negative messages (internal and external), how to navigate years of negative programming, and Faith offers a daily affirmation at the end to hel...

  • Episode 07: What Is Love? with Faith Hunter

    Faith drops into the power and connection to self-love. During this episode, she explains the difference between self-care and self-love, discusses ways to deepen your love of self, and provides an opening meditation that immediately brings you into the present moment.

  • Episode 08: Love the Journey with Faith Hunter

    In this episode of the Spiritually Fly Podcast, Faith Hunter talks about her current shift, the changes we make in life, and she drops a few soul nuggets around navigating change. She provides recommendations on harnessing life lessons while you are in the middle of your journey, and how those le...

  • Ep. 09: Harnessing the Power of Affirmations with Faith Hunter

    In this episode, Faith Hunter explores the power of positive affirmations and how they can transform your life. she will dive into the spiritual energetics and science behind affirmations, share her approach to using affirmations for transformation, and offer practical tips for incorporating affi...