Alkeme Labs: Mental Health Video Programs

Alkeme Labs: Mental Health Video Programs

Where minds evolve. Alkeme Labs are well-being courses hosted by our curated team of Black therapists and mental-health professionals. Our experts provide insights, education, skills and intervention techniques on mental health topics and disorders through the lens of the Black experience.

Alkeme Labs: Mental Health Video Programs
  • Identifying And Understanding Your Emotions with Dr. Heather Lofton, LMFT

    4 items

    This Lab is focused on defining, understanding and assessing your emotions and emotional experience. You’ll learn what emotions are, how to recognize your emotions, and how to understand what your emotions are telling you.

  • Unpacking Unhelpful Thinking Styles with Jason Phillips, LCSW

    4 items

    Learn how to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking styles and shift your focus to more realistic and productive thoughts.

  • Finding Freedom with Therésè Kempf, LCSW

    7 items

    What is the true meaning of Freedom? Therese Kempf walks us through an in-depth understanding of what
    happens when our nervous system is triggered. Step-by-step, this Lab breaks down the process of reigning in our
    reactions to outside stimulus and how to take back control over your own emotional ...

  • Black to Work with Giorgio Chatelain, LCSW-R

    5 items

    The workplace for us is a hotbed of microaggressions, stereotyping and blatant racism. This leaves Black employees
    without the support and healing they need to not only do their job effectively but to achieve a better quality of life.
    Giorgio Chatelain masterfully illustrates and dissects the nua...

  • Building Generational Bridges with Mariel Buqué

    6 items

    Hurt people hurt people. When trauma is passed down from one generation to the next, it takes with it emotional
    scars that can be devastating to our mental health and the health of a family unit. Dr. Mariel Buqué provides gentle
    guidance towards deconstructing and disarming these traumas so the h...